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Where your creativity and love for animals meet.

The Cat Lover’s Guide

to Drawing

a Purrrfect Pet Portrait!

Draw “Lazy Cat” from start to finish and unlock the keys to drawing lifelike, “pettable” kitty fur with colored pencils!


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Your Guide to Drawing a Realistic Horse

Finally, there’s a series that combines Darrel’s pursuit of true-to-character graphite portraits with the fun and mystique of conveying the beauty of a horse!


US $159.95


Intro to Drawing With Colored Pencils

The introduction to colored-pencil drawings that you’ve been waiting for. The right tools, the essential principles, a colorful, seaworthy finished product, and everything in between!


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Drawing Study: Dog

Discover the keys to drawing realistic, multicolored fur, capturing the unique texture and sheen of a wet dog nose, and accounting for perspective in the shape of the snout!


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Drawing Study: Kitty

Discover how to draw light, wispy, realistic whiskers and unpack what it takes to draw convincing fur, emotive eyes, and a well-formed nose.


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“I still believe Darrel's videos got me through the tough times going through my chemo treatments. Got me back to my drawing and got my mind off the rough times.”


“If I had not stumbled across Darrel Tank's awesome site and got a spark for art back in my life, I would never have started drawing again. If I had not learned to draw with the tools Darrel recommends I would have been discouraged and given up a long time ago.”

“In a year I went from not being able to draw anything to drawing very realistic portraits. Thanks to Darrel's great teachings, patience, and encouragement.”


“I cannot thank you enough for all of your 5-Pencil Method tutorials. Absolute beginners and advanced portrait artists alike can garner much skill and confidence by taking your classes. I truly cannot thank you enough. My portraits (pets and people!) have improved 100% since participating in the online classes.”

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